LG LCD TV 42DL550 Fix

How to repair an LG LCD TV main board.


This is a simple method to fix a TV or other electronic device with bad solder connections.  The TV I fixed is an LG 42″ LCD TV Model 42LD550-UB.CUSWLHO.


The TV would power on and the LG Logo screen with the clock would appear.  It would freeze on the logo screen.  It was stuck there and would not boot any further.  The none of the buttons would work.  It was totally stuck.

First I tried unplugging it for about 15 min to reset everything, but that did not make a difference.  Note:  It’s always good to try this first on any electronic device.  Also if the device has any kind of factory reset button, always try that as well before taking it apart.

I searched around online and found other people reporting issues with this TV.  HDMI ports not working, no inputs working, Lines on the screen, fuzzy video, etc…  It seems many different makes and models are affected.

I removed the board and I did not see any physical damage, no components looked fried or burnt, no capacitors looked bad, and all the connectors looked to good.  This lead me to believe the main control board Model EBT60955753 LG MAIN (3642-1052-0150) could have one or more bad solder joints.

This TVs was purchased in 2010 and out of warranty.  A new board was hard to find, and too expensive.  I decided to try this simple repair myself because I had nothing to lose!


To fix it, I baked the main board in a electric oven for about 10 minutes at around 385 °F and It worked!


Why did this work? After heating and cooling for years, tiny cracks can form in the solder connections.  Heating the board to 385° F (above the solder melting point) caused the solder to melt and these cracks flow back together.

Believe it or not, this trick works on more than just this TV.  This can fix a long list of other electronics.  It’s not uncommon for manufactures to under cool their components, and/or ship electronics with bad solder.  Poor ventilation, bad fans, small heat sinks, dust, stress, and other factors can also cause over heating or cracked solder points.  Even a very tiny crack that you can not see can cause a bad connection.

Warning:  Attempt at your own risk!  Safety First! Always wear protective gear when working on electronics.  Safety Glasses, Gloves, etc…  Remove Electricity from the device (unplug) to Avoid Shock!


Again, attempt at your own risk!  This will void your warranty, and possibly damage the board.  I have only tested this on an LG 42DL550!  Other readers have had success on different models so search through the comments.  I would only try this if the TV is unusable and you have nothing to lose!

Let’s Do This!  Step-By-Step DIY Fix:


– Remove the board from the TV

LG MainBoard EBT60955753 (3642-1052-0150)

LG LED TV Control Board EBT60955753 (3642-1052-0150)

  • Step 1.  Call LG and complain.  Everyone complaining to LG might make them understand how unhappy people are, and they’ll see this is a known issue!  Maybe if you play your card right, they will admit this is a fault with their product and send you a replacement.
  • Step 2.  UNPLUG THE TV before you touch it!  Electric shock can cause death!
  • Lay the TV down on its face. (Put it on a blanket to be careful not to scratch the LCD)
  • Remove the stand from the TV. (remove the four long screws at bottom and the stand slides out)
  • Remove the back cover from the TV.  (don’t forget the screw near the power plug, and the one in the middle of the input jacks.)
  • Take pictures of the Board from all angles.  Make sure to get good ones of all the connections.  You can use these pictures later to make sure you reinstall it correctly.
  • Remove all the connections. (Be gentle, they should come off easy, if you are doing it correctly)
    • How to disconnect them isn’t obvious to the inexperienced.  Use the picture above for reference. (Click on the picture to enlarge it!)
    • On the upper right there are two ribbon cables. To disconnect these, gently lift the thin black plastic strip on the connector (it flips up), then you can pull the ribbon cables out.
    • On the lower right there’s a wide header block with gray wires. Squeeze the sides (opposite ends) of the connector to release it and pull up.
    • On the upper left are two other connectors. In the center of these is a small plastic part. Press down gently on the edge of that (the edge near the wires), causing the opposite edge to lift a bit to unlatch. While pressing, pull gently in the direction of the wires, away from the board.
  • Once all the wires are disconnected remove the six (6) screws holding the main board to the frame.
  • Remove the black plastic face plate from the side input jacks. (No screws, it’s held on by it’s plastic clips).

– Bake The Board

  • Now we are going to bake it in a conventional electric oven.  (Do NOT use a microwave, gas oven, open flames, Air Forced Heat, or any other type of heat!)
  • Why not use a heat gun?  A heat gun is forced air like a hair dryer.  As soon as the solder melts, the air will blow the components out of place, or even go flying off the board.
  • Why not use a gas oven?  Open flames can be dangerous in this situation.
  • Why not use a microwave?  Never put metal in a microwave!  Very bad things can happen.
  • Preheat the oven to 385 °F (196 °C)
    • The correct Temperature is IMPORTANT.  If you don’t trust the temperature setting on your oven, or if your oven does not have a temperature setting, then get a baking thermometer and test your oven!
    • 385 °F is working for most people, but there are different kinds of solder.  Altitude and humidity might also play a factor.  Most solder melts between 360 and 419 Degrees Fahrenheit or 180 – 215 Degrees Celsius.
    • Solder is a mixture of Tin and Lead.
      50 Tin/50 Lead: melts between 183–215 °C (361–419 °F)
      60 Tin/40 Lead: melts between 183–190 °C (361–374 °F)
    • NOTE:  These temperatures might sound scary, but the ignition temperature of paper is around 451 °F so these components should not be damaged at these temps in an electric oven.  Again, this is why we only us an electric oven.  No open flames!
    • See https://en.wikipedia.org/?title=Solder for more details about Solder.
  • Place the board face up on something nonmetallic like a piece of cardboard.  A pizza round or similar works well. (Do not put it on anything metal because the solder will stick to it.)
  • Place it on the center rack of the oven.
  • It will smell funky when cooking so you might want to open a window and/or turn on a fan!
  • Let it cook for about 10 min.
  • Turn the oven off and let it cool.  (Be careful!  It’s hot and will burn you!  Use oven mitts!)
    • Do not to bump or disturb it while it is cooling!
    • I would not move it until its below 300 °F, so you don’t disturb any components!
    • Just turn the oven off and leave the board in it with the door open until it’s cooled off a bit.
    • If you take it out of the oven while it is still hot, remove the board very carefully, let it cool at least 30 min before you touch it.

– Install and Test

  • Install the main board in the reverse order that you removed it. (Refer to your pictures)
    • Make sure you get all the cables in the correct location.
    • Double check each cable to make sure it’s connected correctly.
    • Check your pictures to make sure you have everything correct.
    • You might want to leave the back off until you test it in case it doesn’t work, and you need to bake it again. Just do NOT touch anything back there with it plugged in!  BE SAFE!
  • Turn on the TV and see if it works.  (Note:  Wait at least 10 Seconds after turning it on because it seems to take a long time for this particular TV come on.)
  • If it does not work:
    • Try cooking it again for 15 min.
    • 10 min. worked for me on the first try but results my vary…
    • Try a higher temperature 183 – 215 °C (361 – 419 °F) as noted above.
    • One reader noted he went all the way up to 482 °F (250 °C ) although I highly recommend staying below 425 °F.  I’m guessing his oven settings are off.
    • Another reader said he put a weight on the LVDS chip while baking and that worked.
    • Read through the comments, there’s a lot of good info in there.

Please comment to let everyone know how it went for you!  Include the Make and Model of your TV / electronic device to help others can find this post!

Warning:  Attempt at your own risk!  Safety First! Always wear protective gear when working on electronics.  Safety Glasses, Gloves, etc…  Remove Electricity from the device (unplug) to Avoid Shock!


Again, attempt at your own risk!  This will void your warranty, and possibly damage the board.  I have only tested this on an LG 42DL550!  Other readers have had success on different models so search through the comments.  I would only try this if the TV is unusable and you have nothing to lose!


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471 thoughts on “LG LCD TV 42DL550 Fix

  1. HDMI inputs on an LG model 42LE5350 failed; ‘no input’ message. LG support had me update software and the unplug and wait technique. Neither one helped. LG support then directed me to a local service center. I contacted them and was looking at a $200 minimum fix. Was just about to run out and make a new purchase when I ran across this fix. With not much to lose I gave it a shot and it has been operating successfully for about an hour; hope that continues. Thanks for the fix; it is worthy of a contribution. I’m quite disappointed in LG. This is the second electronic device of theirs that has failed me after a few years.

  2. I have a an LG 32″, also manufactured in October 2010

    I tried this today after reading on a number of different sites that this fix works, and I can also confirm that it does, well it has for now anyway. How long the fix lasts for I cant say. I was nervous about trying it, but then I thought what do I have to loose. Followed the instructions above to the letter. I baked it in my over on a 180c for 10 mins, took it out and put it all back together again 🙂

    Thanks a lot

    1. when I put mine back together, at first the entire left side was black (50%)

      reopening and connecting the band-connections propperly fixed that
      (stick them in deeply with feeling and then still turn that little switch..)

  3. Thank you so much for posting this guide. It has saved me from having to replace a $1500 60″ LG Plasma Screen TV. I had the same symptoms as others. All HDMI ports stopped working suddenly. I removed the system board that had the HDMI ports on it and put it on a pizza stone and baked it in my oven for 10 minutes at 385 degrees. After it cooled I replaced the board and the HDMI ports were working again.

    One piece of advice I would like to offer. Use a digital thermometer that has a temperature probe to make sure you have your oven at the correct temperature. My oven was way off from what the knob was set to. I used a thermometer designed for grilling. It has a heat shielded cable for the probe.

  4. Hi i have a different experience for this baking stuff. I have LG 32LE5500 tv bought in 2010. Recently it stopped working altogether. No display on screen but red LED was showing and no sound. Then i pulled it apart and started baking the board. My oven does not have a temperature setting instead it has wattage setting. So i kept it on 300W and started on keeping it on a cardboard. But then sparks and fumes were seen with lot of burning smell. I tried it again after sometime with lower wattage but same results. Where did i went wrong?
    Please help

    1. Oh dear dear, it looks like you have put it into a microwave oven. If so, find a new board or another TV. It’s clearly written that you can’t use a microwave or any other type of oven, only a simple heating electric oven with temperature control. If you don’t have that, don’t try this at home.


    Had same problems (HDMIs)

    used a hot-air pistol and a IR-thermostate:
    10min between 195 deg C and 210 deg C, mainly on the backside of where the HDMI-Ports lay.

    It worked with:

    – DVD Player (upscaled at 720)
    – receiver (720)

    did not work:

    PC (1080)

    It did work first, only crashed when I put the video on the TV.. (crashing: picture turns Purple-yellow-green storm or “no signal”)

    After that it started crashing even when starting the video on the PC-Monitor

    It did then work when I switched to 720p – but after a while crashed also there.
    Now I try switching different sollutions, sometimes it helps (afterwards it even runs at 1080) but more lately it works less and less…

    Weird that receiver/DVD never have any Problem at all.

    Of course I switched different Ports – It is not the Ports, It is the PC…

    Does anyone have a clue where to fix this??

  6. Brilliant, worked on my LG 37LD490. Gas mark 7 for 10 minutes. Result not only fixed problem , but picture is sharper than before. Also cleaned dust out of the box at the same time. Thank you for this fantastic tip.

  7. My wife purchased an LG 60PX950-UF 3D TV at a local thrift store (dropped off no doubt because the HDMI inputs quit working). She found your webpage and I thought wtf so I went for it. Baked the input board @ 385° F for 12 minutes. Reinstalled – everything appears to work fine again (it’s now the following day). Thanks for posting this excellent easy fix. Man.of.the.day award to you sir 🙂

  8. My LG 32” LD490 said no signal on all three HDMI ports. I followed the instructions above but placed the mainboard on a calendar on the top shelf of my preheated gas oven. I set the temperature to gas mark 5 and left it for about 10 minutes. There was a strong smell of flux and the board seemed to get very hot, so I’m glad I didn’t turn the gas up much higher.

    I then turned the oven off and opened the door but did not move the board until it had cooled down. I have noticed that there is some brown staining around some of the component terminals. This may be flux but I am not sure. However, all the ports seem to be working fine now 🙂

    There was one ribbon cable connector that I was not sure about taking off. It turned out to be a ZIF type connector.The following link may help you with deciding which way to open the ribbon cable connectors that might be on your board. Thanks to all for the feedback..


    1. I’m very sorry, I tried this fix. Everything worked fine for a few weeks but then smoke started to rise from the mainboard and the power supply went bang!! If I had not been at home, then I dread to think of what could have happened as I usually leave stuff on standby.

      Buy yourselfs a replacement board or even a new telly but please DON’T TRY THIS QUICK FIX!!!!

      1. Hey Ed, thanks for the warning. I noticed your earlier post said you used a gas oven on “gas mark 5”. Using the correct temperature is very important. I’m guessing gas mark 5 was way to hot and you burned something up.

  9. Incredible! My parents and wife thought I was out of my mind when I told them I was going to bake the primary control board to fix the TV but it worked! I have an LG LE5350, bought from Costco about 5-6 years ago. Same story, all 4 HDMI ports suddenly gave out and none worked after trying multiple different HDMI wires and unplugging the TV and even resetting the TV to factory settings.

    LG quoted me at ~$400 to have someone fix it. Replacement PCBs for my TV were hard to find on the internet and even then were about $100. I figured I had nothing to lose baking this thing. I followed the directions, took off the back of the TV, removed the PCB, and baked in the oven at 385 for about 11 minutes. I let it cool for a long time (only because I had to go do some other things) and then reinstalled the baked (but cooled down) PCB. It’s only been a few hours but it is working now (at least the one HDMI input that I’ve tried so far).

    Thank you for your post and all the other comments. This is what the internet is for!!!!

    John in DC.

  10. You are awesome!! LG 47LE5400 from 2010.
    HDMI worked this morning kid turned it on in the evening with only coaxal TV working, all 4 HDMI inputs not working. After doing everything I could think off I google and found this thread. Pulled the board preheated oven to 420. When oven hit 380 on preheat I put board in. 4.5 minutes later the oven hit 420 degrees. I shut the oven off opened the oven door and let it sit for another 5 mins. It was stinky and board was a little more discolored once I pulled it from oven. I let sit for another 30 mins. Put board back in TV and without doing anything other than turning Xbox on and TV on it started showing the green Xbox login screen.
    So far so good.

    Thank you!!

  11. I first used this repair process 6 months ago. I was so happy to find this solution to solve the LG TV “no start screen when powering on” issue. The TV has been working perfectly until yesterday when all the HDMI ports on the back of the LG TV were suddenly no longer working. The TV would see auxiliary devices connected to the HDMI ports, but would give the “no signal” message when that input was selected. I removed the motherboard for a second time and baked at 385° for 10 minutes. The repair worked again…all HDMI ports are receiving signals from DVD player, and the Roku Stick again.

    I wanted to add this comment in case someone needs to do the baking process repair a second time. I’m wondering if this is something that will have to be done on a regular basis, and how many times this would work. Will the solder only stand up to a few baking events? The only difference I saw after the second baking was that there was more brown staining on the back that someone else mentioned as possibly being the flux?

    Thanks for the great instructions and a way to save an expensive TV!

  12. OK I thought this was crazy when I first fell upon this site, but I just tried this on my LG 46LD550 and it worked! My TV had stopped recognizing HDMI inputs and searching on Google I fell stumbled upon this site. Not sure how this fix will last but I’m watching TV again!

  13. Worked on my LG 47LE550 on the first try. Baked the board at 385F for 10 minutes in a Pyrex cake pan lined with parchment paper. It was cool enough to re-install within 10 minutes.

    I think I will try it on my shelved 42″ LG LCD that had unreliable HDMI for some time..

    Will happily make a donation. Thank you!

  14. My brother found a TV that had been thrown away by someone and he tried this before and it worked on that. My LG47 had all of the hdmi inputs stop working (swore about my satellite box at first)….remembered what my brother had done and found this step by step guide.

    10 minutes at 200c, left if for 30 mins to cool down and all is good so far!

    Nice one! 🙂

  15. Totally shocked, but it worked for me too.

    LG46Ld550 purchased in 2011. Had it plugged into a non-grounded circuit that was overloading, causing the breaker to trip. All four HDMI ports stopped working. Limped along with the component video ports for awhile, but got sick of the inconvenience.

    Not quite believing this whole cracked solder theory, I tried a factory reset. Then I tried unplugging the system board from everything and leaving it that way for 24 hours. The only thing that worked was baking for 10 minutes at 385 degrees. It stank the place up for a bit, but it worked!

  16. I just want to say that I did see this fix some time ago but did not actually try it until today. I have an LGPZ550 Plasma TV and the HDMI ports were non response. I just reattached the board about an hour ago and voila!! all is well and my ports are operative. Thank You VERY VERY much for providing this information.

  17. My LG 55″ LED (model 55LE5500) TV’s four HDMI ports all stopped working randomly the other day. I found this site, cooked the motherboard, and it is working great again! Thanks!

    The only difference from the instructions is that my board had 8 screws instead of 6 because it is a biggger TV. I didn’t see anyone cooking a 50″ + in the comments so I thought I would add this here.

    And to think, my wife says I can’t bake!!! LOL

  18. Has anyone tried this technique after a lightning strike event? I lost all of my HDMI ports after a nearby lightning strike (surge came through the cable box). I’m about to send the board out for a $125 repair, but thought about trying this first. I’m just not sure if the HDMI ports were actually damaged by the power surge rather than just the solder joints.

  19. 46 inch LG LCD TV and all 4 HDMI ports died suddenly. Was surprised and amused to find this post. Tried it because it just seemed like a cool experiment while listening to skeptical wife 🙂 The instructions were super clear. I would not have been able to figure out how to remove the thin ribbon cables without them. 10 mins @ 385 Fahrenheit and TV is good as new. Husband 1 Wife 0! Another glorious victory for geek-kind 🙂 Thank you Zedic.

  20. DO NOT BAKE THE POWER SUPPLY BOARD. The temp needed to melt the solder also melts the blue semi-conductors across the board. However the HDMI control board looks great.

  21. I have a LG 42″ LED TV ,Model: LE5500-TA Bought it in Egypt ,manufactured in October 2010 (out of Warranty.)
    I tried this yesterday after reading on a number of different sites & watching a video on youtube that this fix works, and I can also confirm that it does, well it has for now anyway. How long the fix lasts for I cant say. I was nervous about trying it, but then I thought what do I have to loose.(out of warranty and no replacement Board available at my local LG in Egypt and to buy online cost will be about 200 USD with shipment to my contry if available) So I Followed the instructions above to the letter. I baked it in my electric over on a 195 C for 10 mins, took it out , left it to cool down for 15 mins and put it all back together again 🙂
    I just reattached the board and voila!! all is well and my ports are operative. Thank You VERY VERY much for providing this information.
    Not sure how long this fix will last but I’m watching TV again!
    Thanks a lot.

  22. Wow, this worked for me! 10 minutes at 200°C on a cardboard support and let it cool for 30 minutes. and now the HDMI works great! However I noticed after that 3 small chips had fallen off the back side of the control board. I don’t know how they are called but they have a rectangular black body and metallic legs, ranging from 4 to 8. Either way the TV works perfectly with HDMI, there is a bit of a lag when watching with the antenna but I never use it. I assume that with the temperature, they soldered but with gravity fell, but not sure.

    Thank you so much, I am really amazed!

  23. Thank you thank you thank you!!!! LG 55LW5600 stopped working for no reason whatsoever. I couldn’t find a replacement motherboard so baked it according to the instructions above and now it works. You the man.

  24. Baking actually made my TV worse. Now the display is completely gone. I did follow the steps exactly as mentioned above. To be on the safer side, i baked the mainboard for 7 minutes (instead of 10) and at a temperature of 356 F (instead of 385).

    After the process, i did not notice any visible damage to any chips/capacitors/any solder circuit. However, my Optical Out port did melt – not completely but is deformed.

      1. Sorry you had a bad experience! Thanks for posting this so people understand the risk. I personally would not try this on a TV that is usable… The TV I fixed was not usable at all, so I really had nothing to lose. If I were you, I would save a search on ebay for your main board and have it notify me when one is listed for sale.

  25. My LG 32LE4900 did this last night, test everything and even tried a second TV to make sure it wasn’t the appliances. That obviously worked so looked for HDMI issues with LGs; quickly found the common problem and came across this unorthodox fix.

    I seem to remember doing the same thing with an Xbox 360 so I thought why not, been looking at getting a new TV in January anyway (and probably will even now).
    Anyway, it worked perfectly. Don’t have access to an electric oven so a gas mark 5 had to be done.. don’t worry, I was very careful!

    Like with the Xbox, I don’t imagine this will be a permanent fix, but even if it only gets me through the Christmas period it will be more than I would have without my baking skills.

  26. For all people that have posted comments and fixed their LG TV using this method, can you please comment and let me know how long it has worked for you? I had the same problem with my HDMI inputs a few months ago with my 55″ LG. I changed inputs from HDMI to component for the cable and xbox 360 just to keep using the tv, which is less than 5 years old since I bought it and it was manufactured in 2010. The component inputs worked for a few months, then yesterday (on Christmas night) the TV screen went out again. Before making a new purchase I tried this method as a last resort and it worked!!!! I was shocked. Just wondering how long it will work for now? How has your experience been with this fix? Thanks in advance! Mike

  27. THIS WORKED!! Thank you so much for the detailed and step-by-step instructions. My LG 46LD550 was stuck on the logo. It didn’t boot when I turned it off/on several times, also left it off for a few months thinking maybe the board had overheated. Finally, I re-considered fixing it myself (since switching the board was not worth it) and I found this post and figured I didn’t have to lose anything.

    I followed the instructions above, baked the board at approx 375F (my elec. oven didn’t have an exact 385) for 11 minutes, then I let it cool for 30 minutes before testing it on my TV and it worked!

  28. I have LG 50PX950N plasma tv and one day hmdi ports said to me “no signal” 🙂 I was not thinking about repair it because of out of warranty status and I was using with scart calble. Last day I saw your article then I decided to try your solution.

    Today I and my doughter baked the tv control card for 11 min with 196 °C. Now all hdmi ports are working… 🙂

    Thank you so much for the detailed and step-by-step instructions.

  29. My 6 year old LG TV flickered then it just showed the logo and clock. I knew immediately after reading this article I had the same old brittle solder connections.

    l only have a gas oven. Placed the LG TV board in a glass container with glass lid (eg. Pyrex). Set oven at 380F and placed the glass container near top of oven.
    Cut gas after 15 minutes and opened oven door for 20 minutes.
    Replaced the TV board and connected TV. It works much better. The screen is most definitely brighter and has a higher definition. Just in time to watch the Sunday , Jan 1st 2017, football games.
    Thanks a million for the great idea.

  30. HELP! Plz

    I have a JVC JLC42BC3000 that was stuck in JVC screen logo.After tried this method the tv came back to life,HOWEVER after hours of normal use and everything working,I turned on the tv next day and the backlight turns of after the boot logo.I have sound and even if I iluminate the screen of the tv with a flashlight I can see the images.After a couple of minutes of the tv warming up the backlight appears.What could be the problem now?

  31. My LG 42LD690 LCD TV suddenly stopped working through the HDMI on netflix with the PS4. For a few months proceeding that the HDMi cable would need to be taken out and put back in to get it to work-not sure if that’s connected to the main issue. Anyway, tried all HDMI slots on the TV, all busted, then checked the PS4 on another TV-worked fine.
    Read this page and saw the fix. The aerial and USB input worked fine so it could still be used in another room so baking the board in an oven was a bit of a risk, but I went for it and it worked. Pretty remarkable really.
    Advice: follow that youtube vid about disconnecting the ribbon things from the motherboard, the back takes a while to screw/unscrew so test it once the board is back in place but before you’ve put the back of the TV on. Oh and don’t buy LG, my other Tv is samsung and has not had any problems.
    Thanks so much Zedic.

  32. I have a 6 years old LG TV LE5500, the HMDI ports stop working a few days ago. I put the card in the oven as described above and it worked! thank you! I have to say that the antenna is not working now, but I prefer this situation to the previous one. Thanks for the post!

  33. This fully worked for me like a charm – I picked up a 55-inch LG 55LD650, manufactured in 2010, for $75.00 from Goodwill. I was wondering what was wrong with it that somebody would donate such a beautiful television, with such rugged construction, weighing in at 86 pounds, to Goodwill. Got it home and found out. None of the 4 HDMI ports were working. Did a search, found this thread, followed the instructions, and it worked. 10 minutes @ around 400 degrees in my oven did the trick. I can’t believe I have such an awesome TV for 75 bucks. Thanks for sharing this – this is what makes the internet great.

  34. Wow, Zedic, am I grateful! Thank you so much for figuring out, and having the nerve to try this repair… and then for sharing it, so clearly!

    You saved me the “you’ve gotta be kidding me” grief along the $$ road to motherboard or whole-TV replacement.

    Instead, I’m enjoying my original TV, running on original dollars.

    Gigantic THANKS!!!

  35. Amazingly, this worked. I have an LG Plasma 60PZ750-UG with no picture or sound. Y sustain and Z sustain all checked out. Replaced Main Logic Control Board with same results. Baked control board in a toaster oven at 380 for 10 minutes and TV is now working.

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