eBay Fitness Band YoHo Band 2 Smart Band 12Hr AM PM Time

To change the Time Format on the YoHo Band2 just Press the main button for 3 – 5 Seconds. The display will change and you should now see AM or PM at the top and the steps should now also be displayed at the bottom.

I bought this generic Fitness Band / Smart Watch on eBay. It was under $10 free shipping. There was no model number or brand in the description so I didn’t know what to expect. It truned out to be a YoHo Band2 at least that’s what it says in the app you have to install on your phone. My FitBit HR had stopped working so I thought I would try one of these cheap alternatives because I’ve gone through 4 FitBits already. I’m very hard on them. I’m always tinkering on cars and stuff so the screens get cracked, they get dirty, and wet. I don’t really care much about the fitness aspect although it’s fun. My primary need is to see the Time, Incoming Calls, and Text notification. All the other stuff is just a bonus. It seems to work good but the time was displayed in 24HR format. I couldn’t figure out how to change it to 12HR format. There is no setting for that in the YoHo Sports app, and there were no instructions. I sent the ebay seller a message but they were no help at all… Finally I figured out that you just press your finger on the touch sensor button for 3 or 4 seconds and the display changes from 24HR to 12Hr. You also now get your step count on the main screen. I knew there must be a way to do this because my display did not look like the one in the picture. In 24HR mode the steps were not on the main screen. Hopefully this helps someone else out there in internet land. I am disappointed that my google calendar reminders don’t show up on the watch. SMS, and Incoming Calls seem to be working, but my FitBit would notify me on google calendar reminders. Oh well, for less than $10 free shipping from the US and it came in three days it seems worth it. I think you can get these for under $5 shipped from China but I wanted mine sooner. If I like it, I may order a couple more of these cheap things from china as backups.

YoHo Band 2
YoHo Fitness Band
Blue Generic Fitness Band

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